Nedbank Complaints - Fraud on Account

It is with deep regrets to bring to your notice absolute lack of service in the bank specifically your department. I called this morning to get feedback on my dad’s fraud case no 2019E6951.

I will try to give the sequence of events prior to my call to your department today

• My father (80 years old pensioner) went to the NEDBANK branch in Soshanguve on the 22nd of May 2019 to report a R10 000 fraudulent transaction on his account.
• He was provided with the reference number and the resolution date 31/05/2019.
• By the 4th of June there was no feedback provided regarding the case. I then contacted the branch for feedback after several attempts of calling your forensic department and not getting through.
• I spoke to the branch manager at Soshanguve Branch Sylvia Monapola, who advised me that the person dealing this case is out of office. I refused to take that feedback as I do not understand whys there isn’t business continuity if the person is out of office. After insisting on receiving feedback Sylvia then promised that she will try get us the information .
• Sylvia Monapola called us back as promised and she advised that the case has been closed my dad’s accounted has been credited with R5000. I then asked why R5000 and not the whole R10 000 that he was defrauded. She read me the feedback as could see on the “system” and was unable to answer any of the questions I had. I expressed how dissatisfactory her answers were to my questions. Sylvia did acknowledge that she cant answer all these questions and requested that I give her until the next day when the person(charlotte sathekge) dealing the case is back
• On Charlotte’s return to the office I then contacted her yesterday on the number 0115346366 provided by Sylvia. The time of the call was 11:53 am.
• Charlotte Sathekge rudely and impatiently provided me with feedback on the case, I started asking questions about the case outcome which she referred to my questions being technical and how she can’t answer those question.
• I then requested her to let me speak to her superior or someone else who can give me answers to my “technical questions”. She then said there’s no superior in her vicinity and her manager Vicky Van Rensburg is in Sandton. I then requested her to then transfer my call to Vicky as this is now beyond her. In her own words she said to me “I am not switchboard, I will not transfer this call to anyone”. Her response and attitude left me in shock.
• I told her that I will hold the line until she gets me someone else I can speak to. She then placed me on hold/ mute for a 40 minutes (please refer to the attached screenshot will call details). After an hour, being in that call she came back to claiming that she has escalated the matter and will get someone to contact me.

Based on the trail of events, I would like you to address two issues

Firstly ,when I initially made contact with your department I was querying a fraud case which in my view your bank is doing injustice to my father who has been a Nedbank client for almost 40 years. The bank failed to do it’s basic function which is to protect your client’s deposit. We’re told that the fraud was committed through your “MoneyApp” which Charlotte advised that the only security verification that you do on the app is only upon enrollment. Thereafter transactions like adding a beneficiary and making payments to new payment beneficiaries with out any OTP verifications. We will not accept the fact that the bank could only secure R5000 from the fraud star account and can only reimburse what is recovered. What is the your loss control policy and when do you take on the risk as a bank on such instances. I would still like to speak to someone who will answer all so called “Technical questions” on this fraud case.

Secondly the appalling and unprofessional conduct of your employee Charlotte Sathekge who not only wasted an hour of my time but also made herself intentionally unavailable to assist other frustrated clients like myself. My just putting me on hold and idle for a good 40 minutes. I would like to retrieve our call recording from your system to understand where my foiling comes from. It is frustrating enough that my dad lost his money through your bank and now having to deal with an egotistical banker who can’t even empathize with clients and treat clients as a number. There is more to this case than just money, people’s livelihood depends on this.

The amount of information and I have regarding the above and the reputational risk that your bank may suffer based on your employee (Charlotte)conduct and your refusal to reimburse my father the remaining R5000 of his money, is in my view more than the R5000. If this case does not get the attention and compensation it deserves. I will personally intensify the matter.

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