Mobile Telephone Networks (MTN) Complaints - Fraud used on my current account

MTN allowed three numbers to be opened on my current line which is 0722060507 and was given reference numbers 8335991 and 14762647. MTN used to debit from my account up until September after this fraud on my account. They therefore proposed that I start paying cash for my account whilst they are investigating my case. MTN took two months to resolve my case and now they are insisting that since they have not being debiting from my account which is behind by two months, that I pay them the outstanding money in full in just one month. I categorically rejected this proposal because it was a one way traffic where I was never consulted in terms of my financial background. What I proposed and still proposing with MTN who are denying my proposal is that since the latter has not been debiting from my account for two months, I proposed that an Addendum be made where since my Contract is expiring in June, that i continue paying until end of August this year as this will be a fair and square one. Right now my line has been cancelled and blocked by MTN. I find this behavior from MTN not to be fair at all because MTN cannot hold me into ransom because because of their wrongdoing and their inability to enter into a gentleman's with me considering my financial background. Therefore, Hello Peter, can you please follow up with my case where now i am paying for my line which has been temporarily suspended because of MTN's wrongdoing. I still maintain that MTN is wrong here not to engage with me in terms of us having to have an Addendum to my current account number which at this point in time, is very useless because MTN has blocked it. The airtime which is being loaded on the sim card very soon i will be told that it has expired whereas i cannot have access to it. I am extremely dissatisfied with MTN and as a result, I am not planning to extend my contract with them at all because of this miscarriage of justice that is meted out on me because of the flawed internal processes within the MTN, otherwise these lines would not have been opened without my endorsement. Please assist and i look forward to hearing from you. My alternative number i can be reached on since the 0722060507 has been blocked is 065 939 0500. Looking forward to hearing from you regarding my complaint.

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