Telekom Mobile Complaints - Fraudulent contract

Last year in August I signed a contract with Telekom Mobile.Later I then noticed that they are debiting my account twice. There was another amount of R699.00 that has been debited from Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb.
In March now they debited additional R1597.00 which I managed to reverse back to my account together with Feb and Jan R699.00 amounts debited.
I lounged a complain and I have been taken from pillar to pillar and promised the case is taken care of. I was then told a certain Johannes Botha has opened his account with my account details that is why such transactions are made direct from me.
Now lately when they do not pay my money back they say that guy must pay them back and it's only then I can receive the money illegally debited from my account.
I find this very much unfair and hence I am requesting for your intervention.
Case No:22511700

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