fair price dobsonville soweto Complaints - free assemble

i bought a 5 piece kitchen unit at fairprice soweto for 6000. they promised free assemble thats gonna happen during 7 days. funny part is that we receiced the goods within 2days from a different supplier which is called mandoza furniture. it was on a amonday when we received the goods. when we phone the store to bring in a persom who can assemble it, they told us to wait another 7 days. imagine staying with an unassembled kitchen unit. we nagged the store till they gave us a contact number of the guy who assembles. when we phone the guy, he told us he was gonna come monday. we said to him if he wants extra money we will give him, as we have a wedding in hte weekend. the guy wanted more money than what we offered. fairprice bad service. no more

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