Hollard Complaints - Funeral Plan

Hollard Funeral Plan

My claim was e-mailed on 12/06/2019 and not actioned until I did multiple follow ups as per reference numbers listed below.

I asked on 2 seperate occasions to speak to a Team Leader or Manager and was then told that they are not available.

I asked for Leean Saarts the team leader to call me regarding the poor service I had received and to provide a date for when i would recieve a resolution. To date no call from her.
For the duration of my queries, Hollard made no attempt to keep me updated via sms or e-mail, yet they do a verification of contact details before proceeding with the query.

Call refernce no:
1. 1201662486
2. 1201669123
3. 1201675630
4. 1201680621

There are no service levels from this private institute and that is reprehensible.

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