I have a Funeral Policy with Edgars Financial Services, underwritten by Hollard.Taken out 10 years ago. I called Edgars last week to update my personal details.Spoke to a few call centre agents(Petunia, Patricia Mbira etc) they knew nothing about the policy details and was not able to assist. Those that did not cut me off, referred me to Hollard.I called Hollard, was referred back to Edgars.Said they only do claims.Its been a ping pong match for over a week.I called Edgars again this morning, asked to speak to a team leader,hoping she had more knowledge,I was put on to Resilwe Mohale. Sadly she didn't know the details of my policy either, said she will call be back before lunch today to finally assist and resolve. Edgars diligently debit our accounts monthly for the premiums but cannot assist. Suppose my kids put in the claim thinking all is in order. I am sure Hollard will be quick to say, we cannot pay out cos the details are incorrect. I am starting to think this is a scam. As we all know, insurance companies are always looking for loop holes for their benefit.I await Resilwe Mohale's call back

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