Game sore card (rcs) Complaints - Game store card closure

I went to the Game Eastgate mall store to close the Game store card 24 April 2019 assisted by the lady DIMAKATSO who called RCS
and they asked to speak to me I then confirmed that I want the card closed , I was told it will be closed within 48 hrs , 48hrs passed
got an email on 30 April 2019 asking me to send proof of banking details and a copy of my ID certified of which I SCANNED emailed back to the sender becaus there is a surplus that they have to refund .Two weeks later no refund no communication , I decided let me go to check with Game eastgate 09 May 2019 FIND OUT THE ACCOUNT IS NOT CLOSED , Christina Meijties and some rcs lady phoned RCS and I was told nothing was done and there nothing on the system that shows account to be closed and Christina RCS lady said they going to sort it out and call me back later that day , gave them my number no
one called me back went back later it was around 5:30 pm found Christina Meijties who told me they communicated with RCS and they confirmed it was going to be closed the next day so she was going to call me to confirm the next day , next day came no called or no communication 10/05/2019 . I went back to Game EASTGATE on the 11/05/2019 only to find nothing was done again and DIMAKATSO TOLD ME SHE WAS GOING TO CALL THE REGIONAL MANAGER who said she was going to call me .I want Game Account closed can someone close these loan shark account because am tired of going back and forth with Game store EASTGATE . I AM LOOSING MONEY GOING BACK AND FORTH FOR THIS ACCOUNT TO BE CLOSED AND I REQUESTED TO SPEAK TO THE BRANCH MANAGER ON MY LAST VISIT TO THE BRANCH I WAS TOLD I CANNOT SEE THE BRANCH MANAGER HE / SHE IS TO BUSY AND HE / SHE DOES NOT TAKE ANY COMPLAINTS BY ZACHARIA THE SUPERVISOR WHO WAS VERY VERY RUDE.

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