City of Tshwane Complaints - General Customer "Care"

We noticed an increased amount in the billing and determined that the issue was water-consumption based, we logged a call on a Saturday, the team managed to come through on a Monday to "fix", which meant replacing the water meter.
Now at the time we noticed there was obvious billing activities that had already occurred, so that meant we had over 2 months of this "extra" billing based on the water consumption (which we fully paid mind you to avoid being cut off - they wont waste time with that service).

Month number 3 bill came in just as high, and this was because they had to adjust the deposit based on "consumption", when I asked I was told, this will only be rectified by adjustments team in 373 Pretorius (I still don't understand the reason for having to literally walkin for this type of assistance, but maybe I don't know legislation that forces them to), so I've been trying to resolve this, Friday 13 October I was told they would be working extra hours 4 - 7, I get there to be told none of the "adjustment" team members had stayed behind (not sure why this is), and get told to come through the following day, as they also work Saturdays, off I go on Saturday morning (before 12), THIS time I find a group of CoT staff having lunch and get told they aren't working as they are busy moving (and you can imagine that dismissive attitude that they're trained for), I should come back on Monday.

1. The stinking attitude that is displayed by such public servants surely must be changed (proposed solution - TRAINING)

2. Can anyone elaborate on why a customer must walk in for this type of request/service? (Technology has allowed some leeway nowadays)

3. The knowledge that they have about services offered must be rectified (again training should resolve this)

4. If, as in my case, there was an error in billing and was discovered, don't we need to have a pro-active action and less expensive (for customers) to rectify account?

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