Thanks for the referral, but Horror and shock and disbelief, from the minute we walked in to the time we finally managed to get a hospital Card. The nurses were hard rude, and unhelpful, I asked to see the CEO, who directed me to his secretary. He offered no assistance, we were told by the doctor to stand in the queue like everyone else. I was then blown off by the nurses at the doctors station to ask if we thought we were special. With all the pain my husband was in we ran around practically. But observing I feel sorry for the other people how they get spoken to. A doctor named Brenda, told us emphatically that they were short staffed and there were only two doctors on duty. Through trial error and a lot of my tears of watching my husband in pain, we got to see her, however after many hours.

She managed to get us to see an orthapaedic on Friday yesterday 6 July. Unfortunately I had to work so my husband had to go on his own. He arrived early 7am - put his card in the yellow box. On Wednesday he was told he would need to pay an additional R40 to see the doctor - however he was charged R65-00. Then his file went missing, located and once called had to go through to OPD, no-one was there to take the file, you just put it on a table and hope for the best, much like the rest of the patients.

Finally at 2pm a doctor calls him in, A german Fattish man who was blatantly rude and obnoxious, who then tells him (YOUR HIP IS BUGGERED.) no follow up appointment no what we will do next NOTHING. So great get to see a doctor pay and no resolution just the knowledge that now you know you have a BUGGERED HIP.

To think that the Government facilities have deteriorated so much, and our poor people who cannot afford good health care have to endure this blatant rudeness by Nursing staff and doctors and to the people who sit behind the counters calling your name and taking your money. To the People who come downstairs from the wards for air, in disgusting hospital gear, to the ward where you have to take your own bedding. I was shocked in the Pharmacy where a man sat with a tank of gas relying on it for his last breath, told to wait for his meds, who may run out of Gas.

I thank you for replying to me and trying to assist, but I have a bad taste in my mouth and a sick feeling in my stomach to think that humans can be treated in such a un-humane way. That the people in that Faciltiy do not have a choice of treatment and rely on a facility for their health.

God help us all. So without my husband being told he must come back for a follow up, prescribed a couple of tablets and sent on his way.

I must commend the XRAY department - it is clean friendly and quick.

The CEO offices are clean.

However the rest of it not Nice.

I just wanted to let you know of my experience and hope that this will help my husband and all those other humans that have to endure such poor treatment by the doctors we rely on and the nurses we think that care.

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