Loan Hub south Africa Complaints - Handed over for cancelled services - during cool off period

I had called LHSA and cancelled the monthly legal service they offered me for R99 I was told all calls are recorded and it was confirmed that there was a 7 day cool of period I'd I change my mind.. the very next day I called and cancelled... I was promised telephonically that no debits will be taken off my account.. now I receive threatening emails from [email protected] za demanding payment, yet they ignore every email requesting the recordings. Absolutely disgusting legal practice for a company that 'offers' legal services!

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Janniep ( on 07/03/18 )

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Hi. So many people have the same problem with this company. Lets bring them down and act together in a lawsuit against them. I can pay that R1500 to them now, but wont pay them anything because of principle. How can we get everyone's attention?
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