Avis Complaints - Handed over without notice RE: E667472466

I rented a car from Avis Ondekkers. 2 days before I returned it I scratched it lightly whilst parking. the scratch was so minor I had to point it out in the spirit of honesty. Lo and behold, I received a text stating I owed the company. I asked for a statement and it stated R3 382.37 and that they will withhold deposit of R1300. I called and spoke to Reagile Mokwena, Snr Admin, I requested that I pay the balance in 4 instalments as this was unexpected. she responded and advised this could be worked out as per request,I advised I will comment payment end of Oct seeing R1300 was already deducted. I paid R500 on 17 Nov and 1 Dec respectively. without notice on 4 Dec I received a call from Nkululeko Nqubula Creditworx who advised his company was now managing the account. I was shocked and baffled.
I asked on what basis as payment was never skipped, he sent a mail advising I pay outstanding amount of R 2 293.53. I have queried the R1000 already paid and no one is saying anything. Really such treatment after the emails and discussions with Avis, this amount will bring the total to R4693.59 CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY. are these minor scratches a MONEY MAKING SCHEME? get this handover reversed so I can pay balance and not manufactured balance!!!!!!!!!!!! Avis is now not responding only their management (collections) team have the muscle to handle this matter. Guys please there is no money to throw around. get this thing reversed and let me pay balance DUE.

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