M da Silva Complaints - Hauwei P8 Lite

In Sept 2016 I took out a cellphone contract with Telkom for a Hauwei P8 Lite and airtime package. I August 2017 the phone started playing up, getting hot, freezing and losing contact names.
I took it back to Telkom who have differing opinions on the warranty period, depending on which consultant you spoke to. After much fuss, the proof of purchase was obtained and the instrument was handed in, with a 21day turn around time expected.
After 3 weeks, I started trying to locate the service centre where my phone was, but Telkom did not know. I then tried Hauwei offices in Johannesburg, and eventually after many calls and speaking to one call centre agent after another, I was able to be informed that the phone was irrepairable, and that a "refurbished" unit was en-route to the Telkom office. This arrived within the next 2 days, and I was very relieved to at last have an Android device in my clutches again.... AFTER 6 WEEKS!!!
It worked well for 4 months, and then the same problem as with the previous phone started. I went to Telkom again, and they were willing to accept the device and repeat the process, but I was not willing for another 6 week wait, so I contacted Hauwei repair centre directly.
I was attended to by a very seemingly helpful gentleman by the name of Steven, who guided me through the collection process, and my phone went on its merry way. No sooner had it left when ANOTHER "refurbished" phone was delivered by the courier company to me.
The P8 Lite is a dual sim phone, and when I attempted to put a 2nd sim in the replacement device, it would not fit. I then went to Telkom who advised that the phone I had received back, was in fact a P8, a single sim phone with a memory card slot.
I immediately contacted the repair centre and explained the situation, and that I would like to be have like replaced with like as I have 2 contract sim cards, one of which I am not able to use unless I bought another device.
Most apologies and promises of a phone being despatched ASAP followed. I was to return the current phone only when the replacement was arrived . . . THAT WAS A MONTH AGO!!!!I now cannot reach the repair centre, as their landline number has been replaced by a call centre number, which promise to ESCALATE the matter, but nothing comes of it.
The one person at the call centre whose number I have also promises to get someone to call me back, but to no avail.
I have had it with TELKOM and HAUWEI

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