old mutual Complaints - horrible service

Old mutual doesn't care abt der clients.ur important only wen dey are debitin you.my husband went to forest hill branch on de 04/6/2016 to cancel him RA and he WS told de process takes 5 working days.he waited n phoned on de 09/06/2016 n he WS told DAT de branch we're he submitted docs must pressurise dem.I mean wen u go to work u knw u gonna work,y do u need someone to tell u what to do.aftr 5 working days wen he phoned he WS told only de ID WS submitted he needs to go back n submit an application again.1st of all you don't wake up n decide to make such a decision, it means u need money.so old mutual don't take der customers seriously.this remind me how my mom was treated when she wanted to claim money for my grandfather who passed away in 2003 which she's still has not receive til today for funeral cover.wen dey approach u to invest money or to take a policy dey will be behind you not giving u time to breath BT wen u need der help de staff treat you like a some sort of a sickness .no one wants to take responsibility cs dey

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