PEP N! CITY Complaints - Horrible service received by "CLEO"

Just been in Pep N1 City Mall and was assisted by Cleo who provided very pathetic service. She assisted with sending a Pep paxi parcel. She asked for a contact number. I asked her if I should give the number of the person Im sending parcel to, she said yes. She then again asked for a contact number & I gave her the same number. She was then very rude & said in a rude manner "but I said I want ur number the first time". When I told her I did not hear her, she rolled her eyes. Her service is pathetic and she is rude. I then walked out of store but realized she did not give me a tracking number. I then went back & was assisted by Colleen who was the total opposite. Colleen took initiative to write down the tracking number for me & even asked after if there was anything else she could help with? Colleen really put me at ease after Cleo's horrendous attitude. Are your staff trained to roll their eyes & be rude to customers? Why is Cleo's service different to Colleen? Please advise on Pep's standard for customer service!!!!

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