PnP Alberton City Complaints - Humilated and accused before Clients. A promise you made – is not a promise you keep.

Time: 13:40
Date: 10-01-2019

Humilated and accused before Clients
A promise you made – is not a promise you keep.

The complaint was –placed prior to time mentioned.
Please, I challenge you; watch your in-store video’s to see if I am lying!

I saw, ”PNP288 PB F/M Coun Book”, (as per your cash slip) advertised at R10.95, as per red special notification.
I queried this with the public bar code/price utility.
Product was shown as R17.95 or R17.55.
My camera could not clearly record the price shown.

I brought this to Eugene’s attention, (Manager)
He walked with me to the shelves; I explained the amount of books on this shelf was not due to a customer misplacing a book. Whilst we were there other Clients were taking the books, to buy, who had seen the prices as I had.
I explained his prices/bar codes and Computer prices differed.
Eugene offered to sell me the said book at price shown.
He asked me to call him when I was at the till.
Eugene happened to step out of the shop.
So, I approached one labelled manager called “Fredrick”.

Here is where the problems started.
With an arrogant attitude and raised voice I was informed I was wrong, Eugene was wrong, Frederick will over-ride Eugene’s decision, as this is “his section” of the store, and is priced correctly.
“Come, let me show you”, and walks off, way past my following speed.
FYI: I am disabled and drive a battery trike.

At the shelves Frederick has packed numerous books from one shelf to the lower shelf before I get there.
Proudly, after packing the last, I am told, “see, my section is right. You are wrong”
"Even the Bar Codes are different".
Okay Frederick, my pictures show, your 288 page book selling at R25.99, where you had moved the books to; is the Store Computer reading them at R17.99, (or R17.55)? Who is wrong?

Loudly, I was told, “You always make trouble” and “You are never happy”.
Been loudly addressed in the isle and getting stared at by other Clients is not PnP's idea of a pleasant shopping experience – is it?
I asked Frederick several times to listen to me, replying, he says, “I am listening”. When I commence to talk he talks me down. I told him he is talking and not listening several times.
His mannerisms cannot allow a Client to express themselves!
-Please note between “Hullo Peter and PnP’s internal Hotline”, my complaints Vs. Compliments please! Am I really then a trouble maker?

Eugene runs a shop extremely well as best he can!

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Celeste ( on 16/02/19 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

What was the final outcome of your complaint? Did they compensate you and apologize

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