Hillside Plumbing Complaints - illegal plumbing approved

I have purchased a New home, and received a compliance of water certificate. Signed off and approved by a Julian Hill.
The day i moved in, i was in utter shock to see a HUGE in wall leak, and the meter reader still running.
I have approached thee attorneys, previous owners and the agent, and they re - sent Julian hill out again, and HE was shocked to see the wall...he then promised he will fix it and call me the next day, this was exactly a month ago, Im still waiting on Julian Hill to call.i then got TWO professional plumbers out to hand me a quote, and they both confirmed, the house could NOT have passed through, its badly damaged, and the piping is fitted illegally.
I then sent this quote off to Julian Hill From HILLSIDE PLUMBING and still nothing. Seems as though Julian, has ran off.
So who do i go to from here...? i am beyond frustrated, im to scared to see what my water bill is going to look like.
Julian Hill Will have to pay for this fix.

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