CELL C Complaints - Incompetent and bad attitute

I have been trying since February 2011 to obtain an upgrade on my handset, as stipulated in the contract that I am entitled too. At that stage, apparently there was a problem on my account. Nobody responded on any of my queries and I left it, a new phone was really at that stage not important. I have to advise that since February 2011, I have been paying my bill, cash. No debit order. On numerous times my phone would be disconnected, because they could not pick up my payment on their statement. I would have to phone and send proof of payment, all the time. This was very frustrating. I pay, they don't allocate. Now, yesterday I needed to urgently get my upgrade, only to be embarrassed in the store where they told me that my account is not up to date and I can't get a new handset. Fuming is not the word. I refer to reference no 1112906710 which has still not been dealt with from your side. Your lady told me that after three consecutive and successful debit order payments, that I will receive my new handset. WOW, what is so difficult to understand, I pay CASH. You have been reminded about this on numerous occasions. This customer of 5 years is saying GOOD BYE.

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