Standard Bank Insurance Complaints - Incompetent and Unprofessional Service

I reported a storm damage on my house about 3 weeks now and up to this point the bank is refusing to fix the damages and they insist that they can only fix the structure of the wall wardrobe without the door although the whole unit is damaged. I have been calling their offices almost everyday now and each time the consultants tells me they will send someone to assess however just a week back they gave their service provider a go ahead to fix the unit without the doors claiming they have assessed it. I am flabbergasted with this pathetic behavior of this bank and they have fustrustated me enough in such a manner that i am absolutely not getting my monies worth. Currently my house is a mess cause we have been waiting for them and i even had to take off from work after their assessor promised to visit my address and when i contacted him he sounded drunk and informed me he is going to make a plan and send someone.

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