VW Financial Services / Wesbank Complaints - Incorrect Calculations + no statements

I have two vehicles financed with VW Financial services or Wesbank. The one in 2014 the other 2015. I stopped working in August 2018 and informed the bank. In December 2017 I got a call from VW Fin/Wesbank saying my account is in arrears. I Asked the amount and paid it. Stating that I don't get my statements so I don't know if the installments changed. I got a statement sent to my personal e-mail. Mid 2018 I got another call stating I'm in arrears by a huge amount. I asked them what car they said the 2nd one that is being paid by my daughter, though she has been the account. I asked to speak to a supervisor because this cant be happening again. I get told no one will listen to me and if I cant pay I must give the car back. I submit my tax incomplete jus to get my payout to pay the "arrears". Then I get called about the 1st car which is my car that's in arrears because my installment was calculated incorrectly. Even though it was the banks fault I had to borrow money to pay it because "I'm still liable for the account". With treats again of me losing my car. Through out the time I was unemployed I made an effort to pay my car. A request to lesson the installments for two or three months was denied. Then this month I get a call again with regards to arrears for R9000 from a Shawn for I told him no one informed about this and where is my statements? The evening I got home I get a big envelope with statements dating back to 2015. Now again I'm being threatened " pay the full arrears or we will collect your car". An Financial friend of mine looked at the statements and discovered again miscalculations. On the statement it states my installment is R2400 and I've been paying R2700 or R2800 sometimes. I'm working now 3 months and make payments even when unemployed I would call and speak to Kubashni about when to expect my payment. Every month I called and not once mentioned the R9000 arrears. Is VW Finance/Wesbank's calculations accurate?

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