Lakeview Hospital Complaints - incorrect dignose

Hi took my daughter to Lakeview Hospital Benoni on the 28/08 heaving server headache and fever. I waited at casualty for more than 20min until an assistance. They assistance my child only after I chasing the receptionist to get help. I explained the reason why my child was there and they took her to ex-rays before admitting her. The ex-rays confirmed nothing was wrong with her chest. I declared that my daughter is asthmatic. as per hospital the casualty doctor admitted my child based on asma (which was incorrect). On the 29/08 in the morning I went back to the hospital to find out my child is still heaving headaches and no correct treatment given to her. I spoke to the nurses asking them why they have not given my child the headach medication and I was told that they are waiting for Dr J Naidu to examine her first. 29/08 No doctor come to see my child. On the 30/08 I called I called the number given to me by the hospital for DR J Naidu to find out when is she /he going to see my child. Later in the afternoon I receive a call from Dr. K Naidu who told me that he receive a request from me to see my child in the hospital and explain to me that he does not understand why they say my child is admitted for asma or chest problems because they ex-rays shows that she does not have any problems. He then told me that he can see that my child has spasm that is why she is heaving headaches and will refer her to a clinical psychologist. I was communicating with Linandie since the 29/08 trying to resolve this incorrect diagnose from the causality doctor and she promised that she will explain to the Dr. that will see my child to resolve this problem and I also called my medical aid and they also advise that for them to pay the hospital needs to provide the correct diagnose but they are not paying for any related asma treatment because my child is still on waiting period which I understand. All this would have been sorted out already on the 29/08 when I was in hospital because I was with Linandie in hospital when I was calling the medical aid. Today 14/09 when I called the hospital to find out if they have resolved this issue they telling that the doctor in the casuality is hospital doctor (part of the hospital)I was suppose to speak to him direct. Why would the hospital wait for so long to tell me this cause I would have spoken to that doctor to resolve this problem. Now I am seating with hospital bill of ZAR 9000 that I am not intending to pay because it is not my fault.

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