Nedbank Complaints - Incorrect Update information to the credit beraue

On the 30th of May 2016 I paid and settled my loan account that was handed over by Nedbank to their attorneys I received the settlement letter from the attorneys. Upon receipt I called TransUnion Credit Beraue to update my profile on their records they informed me that they will first investigate and liase with Nedbank before they update the account to closed and not owing and that that process can take up to 20 business days. Fine I waited upon the resolution of tis matter by TransUnion my credit profile was updated and that specific account showing closed and a nil balance which after all the updates my credit score went up to 828 with the credit Beraue which was very good and the total number of commitments being R2225 to my surprise on Monday the 18 when I go in on my profile after having received an alert which I subscribe to from TransUnion I see my score has gone down to 808 which is just good now and total commitments gone up to R3548 and I immediately called TransUnion to get further clarity and I was told that TransUnion after having resolved my dispute they received another update from Nedbank that that account is now in arrears with an outstanding balance of R1495 plus minus that which if u look at the increase on my total commitments that would be the difference that I added. This update is sent by Nedbank after they have seen on their records that I have paid and settled the outstanding debt with their attorneys. After that I called Nedbank Complaint Division to give them an opportunity to assit me with this. The gentleman I spoke to understood my dissatisfaction and also stated that he can see that on their system Nedbank added interest on that loan account after the date that I had paid settled the account with their attorneys this was because they only received the payment in my account from their attorneys days after I had paid and that that should not be my problem they must write off that amount. It is two days after I logged my complaint the consultant told me that a Relationship Manager will call me on that same day to discuss this of which he never did when I finally called today and spoke to this Cheslyn he informs that he had sent me emails which he did to email address that I have not used in years to my surprise why did he not bother to call me to discuss this or even find out if I received the email as I was informed by the consultant I reported my complaint to. Fine he then decides to send me the email to the write email address after still I had called him myself in the content of this pathetic email it states that after the investigation that he has done he has seen that the account is closed on their system and although it is paid up the information will remain with ITC for 2 years. Who is he kidding even if that is the case why cant they send the very same information they had sent to the credit Beraue to update that the R1495 or whatever was a mistake on their side and that the account is indeed closed why the hell not???? why should I be the one suffering here when I have done my part of paying the debt that I owed to their attorneys and now am being the victim because of their misadministration between themselves and their attorneys. I want this resolved immediately as this has impacted on my credt score and has increased my total owing commitments to three thousand and something instead of the two thousand and something that was there. In actual fact what Nedbank has done is illegal because it is not a true reflection of the current status qou and I will report this to the Ombudsman if I have to because I am sure the NCA does not permit this.

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