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Rejection Reason from Clinton Lewis (Claims Manager) atInnovation for my Suzuki Ertiga:
- The vehicle was not maintained according to Manufacturer's specification, cooling system and components corroded due to lack of anti-freeze or coolant.
The above reasoning does not make valid sense, The vehicle is just over 80 000 km with a full service history, The heater radiator was replaced and cooling system topped up, bled and checked for leaks (74076km) Mekor Kenilworth Suzuki on 15 October 2018 also engine cylinder head gasket as well as other engine parts replaced and cooling system topped up and checked for leaks in August 2018. (Car at 73024km)
How can a car not be maintained after last service was done within 4 months and 6000km with no coolant leaks detected and coolant system was topped up and bled?
This is a bull dust story to not honor the extended mechanical warranty. As the warranty expires in April 2019)
The car was repaired for overheating in August 2018 and now same issues in February 2019 6 months later
Surely there must be warranty on the repairs done in August 2018 if the same repairs needs to be done now again and why must I pay a Suzuki dealership R3500.00 for stripping my motor to diagnose when I have a Suzuki Extended Mechanical Warranty and called Innovation to confirm if I may take the vehicle to the dealer for overheating issues.
The car has been at the dealer so far for 4 weeks and I only get official feedback now.
Please advise urgently regarding above or with the relevant ombudsman details to escalate this matter further if required.

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