ABSA idirect insurance Complaints - Insurance claim

I had a car accident in the 29th of September I called the insurance to be assured to tow the car. I was told they cannot pick up any information with them. I do not have an insurance with them. I was sent to different departments, till someone said they’ll have a look on Monday and they’ll tow my car . If I don’t have insurance they I’ll have to pay the tower, if I do then I am covered. Following day on the 30th I submitted my insurance claim as now they were able to find my profile. On the 1st I received a notification with my claim number 3683942. The settlement amount was sent to me and it’s only valid for 7 days. The amount was R191437.01. My claim was assigned to Mr Hannes Coetzer. I had to escalate and complain at ABSA because I was the one calling and requiring about my claim. The was written off without being assessed. I was called twice being asked as to where is the car? They had no idea where the car was towed to. After escalating the query, my claim was attended to and finalized . My worry is. I took the comprehensive cover which covers everything. It was way past the seven days and I got a new settlement amount which is due on the 31st of October and the amount is R192009.17. It had went up Absa sent me documents saying they’ll only pay R144600.00. I most still pay an excess fee of R5500. There’s R47408.12 that which I must pay. How is that possible if I took the comprehensive cover, that covers everything. Proof of documents have been attached

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