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I had an insurance with Standard bank for twelve years and we had a storm in our area and I called Standard bank to log a claim .The first thing that the consultant asked me was the policy number which I provided and the consultant gave me the claim number and told me to go the quotation with at least do three different quotation as their are very busy then told me to fax them .
After a week I received a all from standard bank telling me that the consultant did a mistake by giving me the claim number my they have cancelled my insurance about two months ago and the funny part is they have ben debiting my account .

I then logged a complaint with them and asked why didn't the end me any mail by post to advise me that the policy has been cancel they coudnt give me an answer all they said was they are sorry its a mistake . The very same month they debited my account for the same insurance and said its a mistake again .

I would appreciate if you can assist as I didn't get any help and was told that t they did a mistake they cant help and they will revers the money that they have debited.I then called their insurance in Standard bank roodeport constatia kloof and they say the underwritters are not suppose to speak to customers

I need help regarding this matter

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icc insurance claims ( on 07/07/16 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail we handle unlawfully rejected claims. Contact us at [email protected]

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