Outsurance Complaints - Insurance Claim gone bad

i had an accident on the 30th od October 2018, my claim was approved fo all damages to be fixed. First problem started on the 21st of December 2018 when i was told to collect the car after bieng told that the sunroof is faulty and i need to take my car to VW and fix it because it is still under warranty, when i refused to do that.. the insurance approved the replacement of the sunroof. The panel beater wanted me to take the car with an open sunroof but they covered it with bin plastic bags and a grey sealtape. the conditions were i can take the car with the bin plastic bag and i must pay excess which i also refused and resorted to leaving the car. the panel beater and insurance refused to provide me with a vehicle because both said it was not their fault and i must find transport to use on my own... which means hire a car with my own money. on the 29 of january 2019 the panel beater phoned to advise me that the car is ready for collection.when i got there we had to inspect the car and there was a dent on the left hand side of the car on both doors, the panel beater gave me their own car because they were not sure if the dent was their fault or barons( agent). Within an hour i recieved a call from the panel beater asking me to return the car because they find out that on their initial assessment report the dent was there. when i asked the reason for not fixing the dent, i did not get the response. I paid the excess and took the car coz i needed it andadvised my outsurance claim advisor about the issue and my unhappiness. She said she will send the matter to complaints division because even on their report from the panel beateer the dent was mentioned. No communication followed but i have paid the premium but the service i am gtting is not worth it. How do i resolve this because i am thinking of going the legal route. i am tired of fighting because the insurance does not care. Outsurance is not doing anything with my matter.

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