SA Homeloans Complaints - Insurance Claim Rejected

I have registered a claim during December 2017 with SA Homeloans against a HOC policy they have recommended and I agreed to at the time of them granting the bond.
The bond was granted registered in 2009 and I moved into the property. Over the years fine cracks have appeared on the boudary wall to the main and one guest room. I assumed it to be surface cracks and did cosmetic touch-ups myself. It started to appear again but after a tremour in Welkom late November or early December 2017, the cracks widened to such an extent that one can see right through the wall!
They sent their assessor to inspect the property but all he did was look at the cracks and concluded it was a defect to do with the soil.
I querried the rejection and received the most shocking and disgusting response to my e-mails. In fact, I cannot lodge an appeal with them, unless I appoint and pay for an independant assessor. They are not prepared to discuss or concider an explenation or negotiate an amicable sollution to my dilemma.The worst customer service and support I have ever received from any company in 53 years.
Obviously I shall persue this matter to the end, by any means possible.
Just some advice to any possible client planning to purchase a house and funding it through SAHL, be very careful and take notice of my experience with them.

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