King Price Insurance Complaints - Insurance/warrant making an excuse to pay a car claim

I have submitted a claim for my car under warrant with King Price and they made sure they dodge to pay the claim what frustrating is that they claim the damage was caused by something not covered by the warrant and my question was if the damage was cause by something not covered under warrant they can't fox what is covered by warrant and I will take care of that other part or alternatively they should put it under a normal insurance cover which I also have with them to me I see no help on this insurance what am I paying for unless they want to tell me I am only paying for towing which is only thing they can assist with if so its an expensive cover for only towing. firstly they took forever to respond nd their response was to decline after a long wait that to me say they were cooking ways of declining a claim, thus insurance is reaping people of their money by false advertising themselves as if premiums drop and believe me they still make a lot of money as they are not paying any claims they are just there for towing as far as I have experience their pathetic service people must be aware to be hooked by false advertisement of this Insurance

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