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good day
I opened 2 education investments for my kids in june last year.i received the email last week telling me that the investments have been cancelled.the reason being that I have stopped paying premium.what really shocked me is that the debit orders are still going through.the last debit order was taken on the 1st of this month.
I consulted my financial advisor and he referred me to a consultant and she escalated the matter and I was really shocked to their response.they saying I didn't pay the premium for august but I provided them with my bank statement which clearly shows my debit orders.
the attachment she sent me is a different version of what she told me.it shows that I missed a premium in February for one investment wich is not true because they are takindg one debit order for both investemnts.if truly I missed the premium their policy states that there is a grace period od 62 days,meaning my grace period ended in april!they continued taking money in my account every month up to this month.but they saying they cancelled the investment in October.i,m really frustrated because they have already calculated their charges and say they will still continue to deduct the service charges on both investments every month until the maturity date.they even mentuined that the cahnces that I mught not get a cent are very high. I will really appreciate if you can assist me in this matter

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