Opticnetworks Complaints - ISP weak service

I have recently signed up with Opticnetworks for a 20/20Mbs uncapped internet service over my fibre line. Included is a Wi-Fi router which is really a router with a Wi-Fi adapter on the ceiling but signal is good.
I specifically mentioned I wanted to do streaming and was assured this would be sufficient. From the beginning streaming had issues. YouTube activity was not a problem but any site with longer content started buffering after a few minutes. I am now resorting to downloading and watching offline where I can.
I need to mention, I have one Windows 10 laptop and up to 2 smartphones at any one time and when I’m on the computer I seldom use the phone.
Another issue I have never able to run simple Windows Update or even Defender antivirus updates.
The update screen simply keeps looping or eventually displays, “unable to connect to update service”. I have access to other ISPs and have to use those connections for my Windows Update.
My one phone is on Afrihost and setting up a Wi-Fi hotspot with that works fine, also 2 doors down from me they have MWEB on the same fibre provider and that works fine to.
I have tried cable connection to the router as well as Wi-Fi but the same result for both issues.
I tried to access their customer zone on their site but it’s not functional. I then emailed them with my problem.
They were sort of helpful in the beginning but soon just ignored me and said it’s something on my laptop. Since I have always been able to run updates and now can do so on other IPSs I don’t think that is the issue. They even told my wife I can go to another provider which I thought was not a strategy you’d find in the customer care handbook.
So, though I was happy with the install service, the actual internet service is less than satisfactory and I am forced to find other options.

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