Makro store Complaints - Item not delivered and nowhere to be found

I bought a titanium entertainment unit at makro online site on the 17th of November 2019. According to their policy they have to deliver between the 2nd and 5th working day meaning it was supposed to have been delivered latest on the 22nd of November. I called them to check where the item was on the 22nd of November because their website kept on saying it's with the courier. I was promised that a follow up will be done and they will come back to me. I checked up on them on the 25th of November and I was told that the item has been delivered,I told them that I did not receive it and I wasn't called to be notified about the delivery which their courier guys always do and I was promised that they will do a follow up and contact me. On the 26th, 27th and 28th of November, I called them and I was told the same thing that I follow up will be done and I'll be contacted. I even tried leaving emails but just got an automatic response. Even today I don't know if the item is lost, stolen or what. I asked them to cancel the order but that was also unsuccessful.
I'm so disappointed on how their customer service, when I call I just get transfer from one person to the other but getting the same response.

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