Robert Benjamin (SEPT) Complaints - Landlord Abuses 83 Year Old

I have a Grand Mother and disabled aunt that rent a property from Mr Benjamin, we have informed him that there are mold all over the bedrooms and he needs to fix the problem. His response was that they don't have money at the moment but will fix it towards the end of the year, in the meantime there is an elderly, and disabled woman that has to sleep in the lounge until the problem gets sorted out, never mind the health risk.

We have giving Mr Benjamin notice that we are moving out at the end of August and that we will use the deposit paid for the last months rent, and report this matter to the health inspector.

He has responded with arrogance and told us that he would come and through my grand mother out on the streets.

His Details:


Robert Benjamin (SEPT)
1st AD/Writer/Director/Producer
3 Fortwood Complex, Admiral Way
Gordon's Bay, 7151, South Africa
[email protected]
IM: Robert Benjamin (III) on

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Well i hope he finds pleasure in the abuse of the elderly and disabled.

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Robert1970 ( on 02/11/11 )

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When people don't want to pay, or can't pay or don't want to sign contracts it normally comes down to fights and all kinds of reasons why they feel they are receiving bad service, especially if they don't want to move out. When my father eventually traveled to go and see how badly the rain damaged the house.., we found out it was only the one room that was affected and not the whole house as Lanita reported.
This woman (Lanita at [email protected]) has a record of non-payment and lies...

Robert1970 ( on 02/11/11 )

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I guess this is the website where people can just post and no background check is made if what they say is actually true.
Did anyone ask this woman if she has signed a rental agreement?
NO, because she has not.
Did anyone check if there was really an 83 year old woman living at this address? NO, because there was no 83-year old. Please request an ID next time.
My sister, who is the owner did not receive back the contract which was mailed to Lanita and Wayne, nor the ID's of the people who...

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