Oinvest Complaints - llostall money invested

My husband saw an ad on Facebook about something like bitcoin so he answered the ad and signed up, etc, with oinvest. turns out it was trading and they had someone helping him to know when to stay and when to get out. it went fine until it didn't. his only way of communicating with his helper was to send him an email and then he would phone my husband. he got him to invest more to catch a trade that was going to be big but when he did that the guy no longer phoned him back. we were going overseas so tried hard to get him to tell us what to do with the trades we had going and also to get in on the trade he recommended, but no joy. we went away and got back and the trade he was in was not going well but again, emailing to ask what to do with it went unanswered. yesterday he looked at the trade again and discovered his balance had been wiped out except for 499 rand. a woman finally phoned him and said shame she feels responsible. because the guy we were dealing with was moved to another department so he was not responding! so we lost all the money because of this and I am not convinced it was lost on a trade. I would like to know if anyone else has had any success with this company. all along I told my husband he should try to draw some of it back to make sure we could actually get the money out again but he did not do this. I want to know if this is legit and just our bad luck or what. I do think they are responsible as they removed their support for whatever reason. it was sink or swim then and my husband sank.

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