Hi there,
I recieved a sms from Legal Loans: Your application has been pre-approved for up to R50000-00. Offer valid for 7 days ONLY!!! Kindly contact Legal Loans at 0218154500. Ref LL44951.
So I cintact them and they send me the following sms: Dear applicant, your application has been ACCEPTED!!! Offer expire within 15 days. To opt out kindly contact Legal Loans on 0218154500. So I contact them. They send me the next sms: Dear Client kindly deposit R350-00 into Blackbird Nedbank A/C 1003523838 Branchcode198765 REF LL44951 fax proof to 0865381625. I done it. They send me another sms: Thank you for your payment. Your paralegal service has been activated. Call Legal Loans Customer Services on 0218154699 for details of your loan.
So I phone them, they e-mail me an application form, with an e-mail adress to e-mail it back to. So I did everything they ask me to do. I e mail the application back on the 21st of Ocktober and they said I must wait 5 days. So I wait and hear nothing. I phone Legal Loans on the 31st of Oktober and they gave me another number to phone. They never recieved my application, due to the fact on the application form was the wrong e mail adress. Loans Africa gave me the correct e mail adress and I send it again. On the 8th of November they told me my loan is pre-approved for R2000-00.
All the trouble and time I took of from work cost me more than R2000-00.
Look like Legal Loans lie to people just to get their hands on R350-00.
Kind regards
ronel Holtzhausen

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SammySam01 ( on 07/12/11 )

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Exactly! Been Ripped off by the same idiots!!!! Complaining to Ombutsman next!

FUMING ( on 26/03/12 )

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Same story here. NEVER agreed telephonically to anything, INFACT said I am not interested, Yet decuted R350.00 from my bank account

LoansAdmin ( on 26/06/12 )

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Legal Loans is part of a group of finance companies dedicated to providing great financial solutions to customers who have a less than perfect credit history. We will always try to find the best loan option for any case and never exclusively recommend lenders who are affiliated with us. Every person is different and interest rates, products and lenders offered do vary depending on the applicants circumstances. Where a client is refused for their first option we can normally put them through...

[email protected] ( on 16/08/12 )

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The same happened to me i was pre-approved for R60 000, they took my R350.00 and another company approved me for R2000. What did we ever done to you do deserve this, infact Legal Loans contacted us and they took our money with no deliverence on their part. where is this going to end we all are batling to make ends meet and then you get a company that scheme you out of your money. that is not fair and i hope someone will do something to get hold of these culprits

[email protected] ( on 31/10/12 )

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stop all these sharks

dolla ( on 06/02/13 )

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And they stil going strong to rip of people thank you for this page you all save me R350

pamella ( on 13/02/13 )

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those legal loan people are so damn cruel am their victim also am still ckecking the way of getting back my R350

Nomad802 ( on 27/03/13 )

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I prefer to go into offices for loans, cards, banking, service or anything like that. It is a virtual world where grey areas and bad service is the landlords of these failures.
At least when you go into offices and they mistreat you or your money, you can return to show how adiment you are to receive good service. Turning violent is has never been the answer, but even Justin Bieber sings "Never say never".
We seek help and a breath of fresh air, they come and make things worse for us. R350...

jacoweco ( on 06/06/13 )

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I agree they did the same to they are cruel and they should be closed down by NCR.

banesiba ( on 06/06/13 )

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ohmy god I did became their victim too what name do they use in that appear in bank statements

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