Standard Bank Complaints - Loan

I did a loan application a Standard bank on the on the 19/05/2018 and I was told that the loan has been approved, and I signed all the forms and submitted all the required documents same day, and I was told that I will receive the money on Monday. I went back to the bank on the 25/05/2018 to do a follow up since the money was not into my account and I was told that the money has been disbursed and that there is nothing that they can do to assist me. They told me that I should call their contact centre, I called their contact to cancel the loan and I was told that there is nothing that they can do I must go into the branch since I did the loan at the branch. I then went back to the branch again on the 2018/02/06 to cancel the loan since I did not receive the funds as promised, I was then told that they cant cancel it since they cant see were the money is. I have been doing follow ups to check if was the loan cancelled, the lady said she does not have time to do a follow up on my loan application. I must say that am really not happy with Standard bank service, nothing is done to assist me and am afraid that I will end up paying for the money that I did not even receive.

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