Direct Axis Complaints - Loan application

I enquired about a loan from DirectAxis a while back. At one stage I had 3 consultants phone me per day for an application. Loan approved for R30 000. Applied for R10000. Had to send in my documents and 30 minutes later phoned them to ask to make the loan R30000 again. Got a new installment amount. Was cut off while holding. Phoned back and explained to another consultant that I apllied for R30000. While speaking to her got sms that R10000 was deposited. I spoke to supervisor as well and explained. He said that they will call back. Never happened. Phoned next day. Explained to consultant and supervisor.Said no problem I can phone Saturday they will consolidate the installments because they cant credit the amount from my account and will apply for other R20000 with documentation they have.(May even be approved for more...) I can phone Saturday. I phoned Monday morning to hear from another consultant that I will first have to settle R11400 before I can apply for R20000!! Is this the same company!!!! Customer Care is just as useless. Asked them to "listen to recordings!" and told I will have to wait 48 hours....

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