NEDBANK Complaints - LOANS

I submitted my application about 3 weeks ago and they told me the money will be in my account within the next 2 to 3 days until now. Their customer service is very poor.

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sbuda ( on 19/03/13 )

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I also received the sms , after all these coments thanks guys I am no longer interested in legal loans thank you guys for saving my 350

natacha ( on 25/04/13 )

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I'm so angry what a bunch of scam artists!!!! We need to do somthing about this legal loan company asap!!

Dani ( on 08/11/13 )

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Like to add my 2 cents ... Yes many tech companies are manikg web 2.0 application; and no one know for sure how to make money out of it. In my opinion, this is another tech gold rush, and there are two reasons behind it. 1) Everyone try to become another Google. No try no chance. 2) Everyone hope to become another youtube; no profit but popular, then get bough and become an Millionaire! But anyway this is good for engineers, more new product developments means more hiring demand.

Connyes ( on 12/11/13 )

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Thank you Michael for sharing. You have been cohsen to be a leader. Have been thinking of something like this for a long time and you have answered that prayer. Because of the honesty and transparency of this build it will be really really blessed. God's blessing to you and all in the entire Entrepreneur's United family.

Alaa ( on 15/11/13 )

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Michael, I am 64 years old and looking fowrrad to retirement. At 66 years old I can retire with $2000 per month social security. I would like more than that. I have been involved with an MLM since 2004. I did well in the first 3 years but then began to struggle with an economy that made it hard to attract new prospects into a business that cost about $140 per month to participate in the comp program.I began to look for a company with a product that was...

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