ABSA iDirect Complaints - Lost Cellphone

I reported my damaged iPhone 6 on the 21st February to the Insurer which is ABSA iDirect and they indicated that they will send a service provider Platinum Repairs, A week later the phone was not collected with Platinum Repairs sending emails that they are trying to get in touch with me, meanwhile I had no missed calls on the loan phone I am currently using. I emailed them and asked that they come collect by on Tuesday 27th February at 4pm. The courier service they sent, Courier Guy, arrived at 15H25 and I gave them my iPhone 6s in its original box. On March 2, I recieved an e-mail from ABSA iDirect indicating that they are trying to get hold of me as they want to discuss my claim. I call them and I'm told that they have received a report from Platinum Repairs of a Samsung whilst I have submitted a claim for an iPhone. I told them that I do not own a Samsung so they must sort that mess with their service provider as I gave them an iPhone.

A day later I receive a call from Platinum Repairs claimimg that they collected the Samsung they purport to me mine from my son as I had left it with him for collection. I asked this consultant what son is she referring to as I do not have a son as mine died 18yrs ago and she kept insisting that the phone was collected from my son and was adamant that it was a Samsung phone. I asked her to listen to what I am telling her that I do not have a son and the phone was collected from me and i signed for it. She was adamant that the courier service gave them a Samsung which they say was collected from my son. I asked her to please go back to their records and look at who signed off on their documents as I handed over the iPhone in its box and no one else.

Now ABSA iDirect comes back another day later stating that Platinum Repairs insists that they collected a Sumsung and now I had to narrate the conversation I had with the Platinum Repairs Consultant over again and I asked them to sort the mess with Platinum Repairs as I did not choose a service provider it is theirs and mine is to have a phone repaired or replaced and that is an iPhone as I had given them one. Needless to say I am still without a phone and no solution coming up from ABSA iDirect save for sending Platinum Repairs to keep phoning and asking me whether the phone was put in a white or red packaging when it was collected from me. The last call I made to ABSA iDirect 11:15 I was informed that they have given Platinum Repairs until 12pm today to resolve the matter and that I will be called by 4pm today or next week Monday which I have indicated that it is not acceptable as the phone is my work tool and I can't be without it now for more than 3 weeks.

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