Edgars Complaints - Magazines

I opened an edgars account and I realised that my instalment is not going down and I asked that lady to check weather is there anything added to my account and she said it was 2 magazine's one was R30 something and the other one was R70 something I than asked than asked them to remove the magazine and reverse my money than it took me months and they lie and say they will call back after 48 hours not once have I received that call even today I'm struggling for them to reverse my money they told me that that they would send me an email stating that the magazines are cancelled and they would reverse my money so that I know the correct installments for me to pay they still did not do that instead they sent me a message telling me that I won't be able to use my account up until my instalment have been paid and I refuse to pay for magazine's that I never agreed to have I work at a call centre I sell magazines I know exactly what they do to someone's account that's what I would tell them but still they went trough and added magazine's i did not agree to have I hate Edgars I doubt I will ever buy from that stupid store that has bad service.

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