Makro Complaints - Makro Online Disgusting and unprofessional Service

Disgusting and unprofessional Service from Makro Online

I ordered and paid with Makro Online for a Univa 201L Metallic fridge on 2019/10/31 as my defy fridge had given in

I telephoned the call centre on 0860 600 999 on Saturday 2019-11-02 to find out if the fridge had been handed to the courier as the order had been packed on the same day.

I explained to the lady that it was urgent as I did not have a working fridge and that is why I ordered it urgently online. She said she would escalate the problem to the relevant department but as they do not work on a Saturday it will only be dealt with on Monday 2019/11/04. She promised to phone me back. I am still waiting for that call and today it is the 08/11/2019 even though the order is promised online 2 to 5 days.

I then have subsequently telephoned Monday 2019/11/04, Tuesday 2019/11/05 and Wednesday 2019/11/06. Nobody at the call centre out of 15 people that I spoke to could assist me with my order.

I was referred to Univa and spoke to their manager on Wednesday 2019/11/06 who informed me that my order had been collected by Makro who use their own trucks for collection at 0900am that day.

I again telephoned on Thursday 2019/11/07 and again nobody could assist me as to where the fridge even was.

Today I was telephoned once by Time Freight who are the courier services for Makro. I missed the call at 09:42am.

When I contacted Time Freight back I spoke to 6 people who could not help me with the order number being MAK2212304 as they apparently needed the tracking number from Makro who has still to date not supplied me with one.

I contacted Makro after I went online on their system to check the tracking number and it did not reflect online. it just showed that the order was handed to the courier on the 07th of November 2019. The lady informed me that the tracking number they have is incorrect.

I informed her that it looks to me as if they were committing online fraud.

I am still waiting for the supervisor to contact me.

I then phoned MC at Time fright who managed to assist me as the lady that deals with Makro orders was allegedly off sick. SHe eventually informed me that the fridge was ready for delivery and that they had it on the storeroom floor.

My fridge will apparently be delivered between 10:00am and 13:00pm on Saturday 2019/11/09.

I will never order from Makro Online ever again. This was the first time and the last time and I do a lot of online shopping.

I sincerely hope that the fridge will be in good order and that their aftersales services is better than the current level of nonchalant non caring customer service which I give a SOLID ZERO!

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