standard bank home insurance Complaints - many promises but no action

i registered a claim on or about December 28 2017.the claim number was given to me on Janruary 2 2018.A Service provider was sent out to do an estimation of the damage within a couple of days.But since then i have recieved the worst service posible.I have been told twice that the service provider would be at my place to carry out the work,this has still not happend.After being let down the second time i was told by a supervisor or line manager that a new firm would be found to do the work this was on February 22 2018,they said the would phone me back later that day.
,i never heard anything from them until i phoned again on the february 16 2018 and spoke to another supervisor who also said exactly the same thing that anew service provider would be got and they would phone back later that day,Iam still waiting.My claim number is 18/000180 .When this job is eventualy done i will defenitly be changing my insurance and also letting all possible of the atrosious service by this big company.3 months is a long time to wait ,they are still taking the premiums every month but giving no service.

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