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My son applied for a Insurance Policy last year. After a few months he had a heart attack and while he is in hospital the refer him for further tests. On the 1st of Febr a professor at Steve Biko declare him permanent disable and we contact Old Mutual and they send the form. We understand that it is a new policy and they need information. Every time we send information they ask for more. We are unable to speak to a manager at claims and have to deal with the call center. They keep on hammering on a visit at Steve Biko Hospital in 2013. It was only at casualties and there is no record for any treatment. Every time we send a explanation letter of document we have to wait for more than a week just to receive a email with requesting documents. You can not just walk in Steve Biko hospital and ask to see a doctor and every time you hand in a form, you need to pay upfront. In the mean time is the Bank on his case for his arrear payments. He did not have any insurance on the car because the last thing on our mind was disability cover for the future. We give all the information that we have. Is there some one that can help us to finalize the claim please.

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