Marlene Brink Complaints - Medical aid versus hospital

My father pensioner was registered on my husbands medical aid GEMS Beryl 000797814. My husband and I are teachers and this is what we can afford although we are aware that this is the lowest scheme but we had at least the assurance that my father would be cared after if he lands in hospital as 100% coverage is under written in the scheme. Father landed in hospital 26/5 in ICU, was send home by Dr Fourie but was back at NETCARE in ICU the next day where he died on 17/06/2018. Inquires were made as to the care and diagnosis on him and the cost involve of what the medical aid is covering or not. We were assured that Sunward Park hospital is GEMS friendly and the approval for all procedures were being taken care off by case managers who contacts the medical aid directly and that nothing will be done unless approval is received. We have received a phenomenal statement of about R34000 to pay! I feel as if one has no say for services rendered in ICU whatsoever. The medical aid that is supposed to pay 100% is not paying 100%. Where does one start to sort this mess and who is responsible as we were never asked or informed about "extra" costs involved and whether it is in our means to afford this extra costs involved. Case number 109918181 at Sunward Park hospital. Mr MJR Zwarts DOB 440205. Please advise

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