Mpumelelo Artisan Training Centre Kamaqhekeza Complaints - MERSETA accredited provider offering suspicious certificates

My uncle was sent by his company last year to Mpumelelo Training Centre at Kamaqhekeza for few days and was offered a certificate written Trade Test Preparation Competent. So he asked me what's the opportunity of this certificate and when I look at it I advised him to approach Indlela to apply for trade test so they can tell us if its ok or not. When we arrive at Indlela to apply for trade test we told that he must have experience on certain train not just working as labour at he was doing and they told us that the certificate is useless. So I went back to Mpumelelo to verify why they issue such certificate as there is many at the company they told me that they accredited by MERSETA to offer such certificate and the guy was pushy to me to phone MERSETA so I suspect he knows that I wont get help there because of his connection with the MERSETA so that's why I complain through Hello Peter. When I ask the guy or owner of Mpumelelo about practicals on issuing this kind of certificates since Indlela said at least you must have three years working on welding or particular trade to be offered such trade test prep certificate he said he has Ellen Dlamini company that offer practicals to learners but again when I demanded to see this company he only showed me an office no workplace where learners must get industry experience. So for me that raised alarms if how a training centre can have an office but no workplace so that means all training that took place is fraud. Even when I google them they seem to have another centre in Evander and I am sure it operate the same as this one where people are promised to get work exposure but at the end no exposure but people pay the whole package. Lastly I suspect that the guy is working closely with Witbank office as he was pushing me to phone them and even offered me the number to phone so I think everything that is happening at Mpumelelo is suspicious.

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