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Disgusting service

...All I can say I am disgusted in this company. MTN's name is going down with this company. I was called two weeks ago for a change of my two MTN airtime data cards to a better price because data costs has gone down. This would mean I would pay an odd R40 a month less. I had 4G (2 daytime and 2 night time) on both cards. I was assured I will get 2 G daytime with changing to this new lower price (apparently the night time not on this deal). I phoned MTN who advised me that I this new deal gives me 1 G (and I think 1 G night time as this was never discussed with me) so I was very annoyed and phoned Mobiles Plus to cancel this new deal within the 14 day cooling off period. I spoke to a friendly lady and she did put the cancellation through and said I will be notified by SMS. Needless to say I had no SMS and contacted MTN to find out what is happening on my account where I was told I am on 1 G now and they put a query through nothing happened so I tried to contact Mobiles Plus this morning and was cut off after giving my complaint. I eventually got through and was told that the order is cancelled and that I am back on my old contract but not according to MTN. When I requested a reference number or an SMS confirming the cancellation I was cut off once again? I find the company to have given me an unfair sales pitch because how can I be better off with 1G (or 2 G) when I had 4 G? He sold it to me as if I have a better deal. I want this cancelled as I cancelled within the two weeks cooling off period as the law of the country state. I also need conformation on this matter which Mobiles Plus is not giving me. I would like the company to review the conversation call as I truly believe that this salesman was misleading the client. This letter will also be send to MTN as their name is being dragged through the mud. I hope to finally get a response and get the cancellation I requested as I am very annoyed of being sold something under false pretentions.

Marjolein S | 25 Sep 2019

Unhappy customer


Bad service with no accountability

...When you read all the horror stories about Mobile Plus, you tend to think they couldn't possibly be THAT bad. Trust me they are. They phoned me about an upgrade which I agreed to. After 2 weeks they phoned me again to do the same upgrade! On further investigation, I found they royally stuffed up the first process. And don't try to get hold of the person that did it - they are totally inaccessible! They must be ex-public servants - Bad service with no accountability! I hope I will have saved somebody the pain I have gone through! PS. All the positive reviews must be from Mobile Plus employees.

Erenst W | 05 Sep 2019

Unhappy customer


Worst service delivery from a sales company

...Absolutely disappointed with the service provided by Mobile Plus. I received a call from Karrine Naiker on 28/07/2019 offering me an upgrade on my contract through MTN. I accepted and expected delivery on my new phone in 7 - 10 working days which never happended. When I called them back, I spoke to a lady by the name of Joseline who informed me their system reflected that my order has been placed on hold and she could not tell me why. She was going to follow up and call me back. I waited another week without any response, when I called again, I spoke to another support who informed me that Joseline is on leave and that she will call me back when she returns.... Again no call. I followed up once more and got to speak to Joseline who then told me that somebody was going to contact me to confirm my banking details to process the order. I gave Joseline my details over the phone and asked her to please have someone call me same day to sort this out.... No call. Today 03/09/2019 I called once more and Joseline then told me that the order has been cancelled and somebody will contact me to re-order OR I could just go and upgrade in store if want. I then asked to speak to a supervisor who gave me the same version. Why make contact with me and sell me you product when you cannot see the order through? Please do not accept their sales when they contact you. It is an absolute headache and extremely poor customer service. Why sell me a product

Bianca S | 03 Sep 2019

Unhappy customer


bad service

...One of your consultant called me regarding a cell phone y5 she took all my details and promised to send me the delivery details as soon as possible however when I phone your call center they say my application is still pending and when i ask what is the meaning of that because i was approved as per telephone discussion they cant even explain it to me, i called them several time but am not winning ,on the 25thof july the debited my account, i called immediately and they told me that the solution is to do a reversal , when i tel them about the bank charges they dont care still waiting to receive the phone that they told me that it was approved on day one .hence they debited the amount please assist me Regards Peter Ramoshi **********

PETER N | 07 Aug 2019

Unhappy customer



... Good Day. On 25 July 2019 I received a phone call from 'Titus' who offered me a contract for R199 a month which included 20GB data anytime and 20GB data from midnight to 6am. I was told that I would receive a confirmation email, which I did not. When I phoned your call centre to follow up, I was informed that Titus had signed me up for a contract of 5GB a month x 3, which is 15 GB. I need an explanation as to how I could be sold and agree to one contract and the contract loaded on your system is substantially less data than what I agreed to. When I asked for a copy of the recording or to speak to Titus, I was told that I cannot. I was also informed that I can no longer pay via EFT but I am obligated to be on debit order, which I did not feel comfortable with and I voiced that to Titus. Somebody had better call me and rectify this today as it appears to be a scam of sorts. Looking forward to your response.

Mandy L | 30 Jul 2019


Miss Selling

...Watch out for miss-selling. Maintain they are the MTN direct sales arm. Say they can reduce your monthly charge by "converting" your existing package to something identical called flexi rate package. Purport to know the package you are on but when interrogated obviously don't!!! When challenged phone put down.

Graeme D | 08 Jul 2019

Unhappy customer


mobiles plus

...NO STARS ACTUALLY. I was told an outright lie with regards to an upgrade that had to be done before the end of last month. Fiona Sa****, a consultant called me to upgrade one of my numbers. I did so on the understanding that the contract upgrade could be done and at a later stage I could call into an MTN office and do a handset upgrade when it suited me. Now only to find out from MTN that a sim upgrade without a handset upgrade has been done and as a result this lie has spoilt a birthday present for my daughter! Having called them, I could not be put through to a manager nor the consultant but instead they have only logged a cancellation and that is a 24 - 48 hour process. DO NOT DO ANY UPGRADES WITH THIS UNETHICAL COMPANY.

Rob L | 12 Jun 2019



...Did an upgrade with Mobileplus on my data line about two weeks ago. The consultant gave me incorrect information stating that data usage was 15-16GB per month etc and all the good sales talk to hook you into agreeing to the upgrade. From this date there has been no useable data on the line, and when I checked on MyMTN app the data useage is way over this amount. He further said that should I change my mind I must contact the MTN no 808 within the cooling off period. This I did and have been pushed around from pillar to post, eventually getting through to MobilePlus today, who do not want to accept any responsibility that their consultant gave me incorrect information. They cannot tell me how long I have to wait for the cancellation of the upgrade [which they have sent to MTN today] to take place. My family have been inconvenienced by this and I have had to spend additional funds to purchase data in the interim. This is totally unacceptable, and I guess that I will get no response from logging this on HelloPeter from them either as they are not registered on Hello Peter - just another confirmation they have zero passion for client service - just want commission for doing upgrades/selling new contracts! At the end of the day their consultant gave me incorrect information they should follow up with MTN and make sure that the upgrade is cancelled. Why should it become my problem - oh sorry I forgot that I live in SA and this is how things work here!!! Agree with other complainants there is zero communication between MobilePlus and MTN - MTN better catch a wake up they will be losing clients if they carry on using this company's services to upgrade their clients packages!!!

Jenni | 05 Jun 2019


Mobilesplus and MTN are the worst companies to do business with

...Mobilesplus is the worst company to do business with, they simply don't do their work and the communication between them and Mtn is zero!! Actually, no star is what they deserve.

Charlotte W | 03 Jun 2019

Unhappy customer


poor service

...On 22 March 2019 Mobiles Plus phoned me saying my cellphone

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