PnP columbine Complaints - Mistreatment of a ldy Customer

I would lay a complain of mistreatment of my sister Sbongile Msimanga,experienced on Wednesday 27th February 2018, MM Columbine PnP store.

Sbongile is a 48year old mother with two kids was single out and searched, this she felt humiliated, more ince it was in the morning and the shiop was not busy. This lady ( has worked for my family for 18 years,) like my family she has shopped in this PnP for as long as she worked for us)

Unfortunately it was not the first time, last year around October 2018, My sister was single out was searched by one of your male shop assistants. When she complained about treatment PNP management responded unkindly. ofcourse she is not fluent in English she was dismissed as if nothing happend.

I personally went to talk to one of store managers managers, I believe is Clifford, Who told me it is done everywhere, in Soweto, Kliptown. Ofcourse I told him this is not Soweto or kliptown. I did not let him have a go over me. I told him to where to get off. I explained PnP does not do us a favour when we buy at this shop. This PNP Columbine Manager was rude and He thought He owned me (as staff).

My sister was again single out and searched, on the 27th Feb 2019, This time by a femal assistant, she left PNP shop angry came to the house, and she went back to PNP shop to complain about the mistreatment and instead of listening to her, she was again humiliated more, in the heated argument, she collapsed fainted and was dropped at hospital.

All She wanted to know is why was single out and searched. Many other People (women) were coming in and out of the shop with their bags and were not searched. Sbongile has shopped at this PnP shop for almost 18 years.

Sunday 03 March 2019, I went to talk to the store Manager to make an appointment to talk about this matter., She said “They bring their bags and take stuff from the shop , that is why we search them" I asked her to explain who is “ they “ and why should my sister be a suspect because of “they”.

I asked her if she meant that at PnP black women are suspects.

After this incidents PNP shop then put notices that " random search can be done to anyone" .

In my 20 years buying from MM Columbine PnP shop, I feel PnP doesn’t care about its customers. As a long time PnP Customer and resident in this area, I need to warn my wife , children and all black women in this area about how y PnP views them. “ Suspect and potential thieves”

The shop has cameras every where yet you want to treat people like thieves.

from this situation we lot set of keys for my house and whatever Sibongile had come to buy. She was put in an ambulance and no followed up or no one in enquired about her health. I believe PnP careless about its customers.


Thabo PUTU
Cell: + 27 82 253 2565
Email: [email protected]

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