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I had bad service from springs medicross on 28 Desember 2011,the reciption ladues there duscus patients and make remarks of them this is totally duscusting as people go there because they are sick and not to be discused or be discrimtided against and then there card mecine does not take cards as it is to old.

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Kindsey ( on 01/07/15 )

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Posts like this breghtin up my day. Thanks for taking the time.

Rontrell ( on 02/07/15 )

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THANK YOU!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who watches meivos over and over!! My husband thinks that once you've seen it that's it. There is no point to watching it again! No way I say!Loud noises!! I can't take them either! I don't know when or why this started for me, but I just don't like them.Pinterest is my best friend.Fall/winter/Christmas/all things sparkly = my favorite!I loved this post! I feel like I know you!!

Karene ( on 05/07/15 )

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What causes pain in the back of the heel? ( on 27/07/17 )

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article. Thank you for providing these details. ( on 11/08/17 )

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Incredible story there. What happened after? Thanks!

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