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I would like to express my disappointment from your unsatisfactory level of service experienced at one of your stores. I have expected much more from a prestigious and reputed company of your standard. Unfortunately, I can’t help but submit this letter of complaint hoping for a fast and adequate resolution.
I bought a Tablet at one of your stores in Clearwater Mall on Friday, 25th Nov 2016. A week into that, which was 5th Nov 2016, I went back to the store where I had purchased the product with the intention of returning it for a full refund since I discovered that my husband had also bought the same product from a different store.
Upon arrival at the store I was greeted by a lady manager who said to me “are you also going to swear at me like the other customers” which I did not find amusing as a customer, the expectation was a proper greeting and then we would get into the reasons why I was at customer care.
She paid no attention to my story and was in a hurry about everything and did not care about my reasoning for wanting to return the product. As a consumer I felt I was mistreated or rather she showed lack of customer service towards me and did not seem to care about it or the repercussions thereof. We went back and forth with the argument about returning the product and she even alluded that I am more than welcome to report her to head office if that’s what I want to do. She kept on referring to that it’s over the 10 days policy which I found shocking as no one had cared enough to inform about upon purchase and she also said she has no time to read the Consumer protection act as it is too long for her.
I am writing to you with the expectation that this be taken further because of what followed then. After the mistreatment and out of frustration I got from the manager at your store. It so happened that, and I admit, I dropped the tablet right in front of her while trying to show her that nothing had happened to it and it is still intact. She then used that as an excuse to not what to take it claiming that I had broken it. We tested the product and it was still in working condition.
She then insisted that she will not take it and asked me to leave since it was dented. This brought such dis taste in my mouth regarding the brand and I am even thinking of changing all my appliances that had loved and bought over the years.
Please note that I am ready to go public with this and I don’t think such a reputable brand like you would want to go through that kind of tarnish.
I am displeased and disappointed to a point that I doubt any Samsung product will ever be appealing to me let alone a store in any mall. Please note that I will be returning the product this Saturday and will leave it there for you to attend to this as matter of urgency.
Enclosed is my contact for correspondences..
Mrs P Dumakude
081 247 7990

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Reatile Litseho ( on 28/12/16 )

Attitude : Agree Send Mail

You must go public because the bad service Samsung gives nowadays is appalling.

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