Dr Ester Cumber-Kraehmer Orthodontists in (Vaal)Three rivers Vereeniging Complaints - Ms

Firstly as a patient or the responsible person for the account, we not allowed nor given a chance to discuss any financial issues with the DR or someone above the debtors department,thus i had to deal with an unethical,rude,greedy racist yelling non stop on the phone by the name of (Charlotte) apparently shes the accounts lady there, not wanting to hear my site of the story she slammed the phone on my ear.on top of that i am the one that called,needing clarity with regards to the outstanding balances on the recent invoices, she claimed that I've missed 2 appointments last year 1st appointment i had no knowledge of, 2nd appointment i showed up but unfortunately, they were closed already apparently they were having a Xmas party hence the surgery was closed. i returned home and booked another appointment for Jan 2019. I wish we could have more black Orthodontists in Vaal, because this is the only Orthodontist around the Vaal triangle. Coz Even the white receptionists there in front they have this uncordial face when communicating with black clients. I am not happy the unfair treatment that i have received, my medical aid has paid the Dr very well up to so far, Ive even requested a transfare due to this ill treatment. I work in Limpopo, i do not/did not have a problem with travelling to the ORTHODONSTIST as my home is in Vereeniging. so due to this .

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