Maakvol Garage Complaints - MTN Data stolen

It happened a few times that MTN Data yust disappear from my account number 0845872272 and MTN did nothing about it.Previously i used about 2g a month but some months it was yust too less and then we get a contract for 10g data a month on the 8th of every month and this moment they said i already used 14g???
MTN can i call this allso corruption?

Please i want to lay a complaint to MTN and they must refund my data.I allso install a bitmeter that monitor my data used and on this stage it says i used 17,89g since 10 April 2017 until today and i got 70g since 10 April 2017.So in total 52,11g disappear since 10 April 2017????

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