Department of Energy Complaints - Multichoice Bad Service

My Dstv account was due on 25th of each month but due to change of bank details multichoice could not update the new bank details as provided. Dstv was due for payment on the 25th December 2016 later I realised that the debit order did not go through for payment. Later it was disconnected. We paid the required amount but in a wrong account later realised that the account paid was wrong we called multichoice to inform them that we paid but to the wrong account after noticing that we are still disconnected take note that it could be the reason that they did not receive the money hence we paid to the wrong account. On the 1/01/2017 I was disconnected I called to explain the situation and email the necessary proof of payment then I was reconnected after a day or so Dstv was disconnected again I called and requested to email proof again to a different consultant and told to pay certain fees I did that even today I multichoice fail to move the money to the wrong account which was indicated to them to the correct account number. They keep on disconnecting but not resolving the core problem which is moving the money from the wrong to the correct account so that it pays off the pending instalment. Today again the same thing happened and I am not sure if they are still struggling to move that money to the correct indicated account. I was hoping that this matter will be handled by finance section as I think their the custodian of this matter.

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